The move into retirement can be a daunting one, especially if it comes with the need to downsize the family home. As land in inner-city suburbs becomes scarce, the popularity of apartment living increases. Retirees are showing a preference for this lifestyle – here are the reasons why.

Affordability in downsizing

Downsizing comes with a host of issues, such as letting go of personal belongings, furniture and family memories. However, there are positives. Downsizing can provide extra money for a new lifestyle activities, help to fund your retirement, a holiday or furniture for your new apartment. With careful planning the transition to your new home is easy.


New apartments don’t tend to have the accessibility issues that older style apartments and houses have. If you’re impaired or elderly, apartment living may be perfect for you. Why? Most new apartment buildings have lifts, wider doorways, plus many are located close to transport services, making the shift to a smooth one.

Safety and security

When it comes to security, apartment buildings provide the ability to truly feel safe in your home. New apartment buildings can provide secure entries with swipe cards, a security key, locked storerooms, alarms and emergency exits. These contribute to keeping you and your belongings safe within your new home.

Shared facilities

It’s common for new apartment buildings to shared facilities. Whether they have communal gardens, BBQ areas, pools or gyms, these facilities provide a great lifestyle experience. It allows them to enjoy high-end facilities without having to leave their home, pay extra for services, and yet share the facilities with people they know and trust.

Community feel

Living in an apartment building can require you to interact with your neighbours. This makes it easier to grow connections and can give you a sense of safety and community. Remember, getting to know your neighbours is a great way to help protect your property and to have someone nearby in the case of an emergency.

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