Maintaining your health and fitness is the best way to ensure a long, happy life, so why are so few of us exercising? With only half of Australians making time for recommended levels of physical activity, the question becomes – how do we make this easier? Living in a community with accessible green spaces has been shown to improve physical and mental health – here’s how.

Most Australians don’t reach their daily exercise quota

No matter what age you are, physical activity is essential to your wellbeing. The Australian government recommends:

  • 60 minutes per day for children and young people
  • 150 minutes moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week for adults

It doesn’t sound like much, but many of us are missing the mark. Only half of the Australian adults (55.5%) achieved these milestones each week. For children, it was merely one third reaching their recommended daily exercise[1]. The good news is that living in an area with accessible, useable green spaces can increase your physical and mental wellbeing.

Healthier living starts with green spaces

Research from the Edith Cowan University conducted in Perth examined the role that neighbourhood green spaces played in improving community health[2]. It found that living close to green spaces encourages more physical activity and improves mental health. Living nearby helps people to make an effort to get active while socialising outdoors played a part in decreasing loneliness. The more useable the parks and green spaces were (i.e. clean, well-kept and easy to access), the more likely people were to use them. Building communities with beautiful and useable green spaces could go a long way to improving health and fitness in all age groups.

Finding neighbourhoods with green spaces

From master-planned communities to modern apartment complexes, new developments are placing higher importance on outdoor spaces. Whether it’s garden facilities within the development itself, or a well-chosen location close to parks and other outdoor activities – developers like Norm Carey understand how essential outdoor activity is to our health. When you’re deciding where to live next, make sure you consider whether the development is close to useable green spaces.

Modern developments

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