Home is where the lifestyle is – this may not be the exact phrase, but it does ring true. A lifestyle property brings you so much more than just a place to live. It provides everything you need for a joyful existence. Here’s how to pick a lifestyle property out from the rest and where you’ll find them in Perth.

What is a lifestyle property?

You’ve likely heard of lifestyle properties before, but you may have wondered just how they’re different to any other home. The key is to focus on the ‘lifestyle’ element. Due to its location, amenities or design a lifestyle property is elevated in a way that improves your daily quality of life. It has features that complement your daily living choices.

There are no set rules that turn a home into a lifestyle property, it’s all about meeting the individual resident’s needs. For example, if you love a daily walk, you’ll want to live near walking trails or nature. If your morning coffee is essential, then your lifestyle requires great cafés nearby. Inside your home, features like a designer kitchen or spacious living room can bring out your inner gourmand or suit your family bonding time. With these guidelines in mind, finding lifestyle properties in Perth is much easier than you’d think.

Where to find lifestyle properties in Perth

East Victoria Park has been rising in popularity for years and is currently a destination loved by young professionals and families. Its local shopping, café and restaurant scene, nature and short commute to the city tick every lifestyle box – no matter what your preferences. For these reasons and many more, Norm Carey saw an opportunity for three brand new lifestyle properties on Gilbey Lane.

Imagine starting your Saturday morning with a serene walk or run by the Swan River. Your route home takes you to your favourite café for a morning coffee hit. Perhaps you pick up a few pastries there too, or you could always stop by the local grocers for breakfast ingredients. Your afternoon project involves some much-awaited spring cleaning. Then you head off to the city for drinks with friends. Since you’re only 20 minutes away, there’s ample time for dinner at one of the local flavoursome hotspots.

Make your lifestyle the main event with Norm Carey

At Norm Carey, we understand there is so much more to your home than the walls and features. It’s the place where you build a lifestyle you love – whether that’s for yourself or your family. We’ve spent over three decades building properties with a lifestyle focus. Browse our past residential projects for examples or contact our team for more information on current and upcoming projects.