In Part 1, we listed ten suburbs that made people feel a swap from north to south, or vice versa, was worth it. For Part 2, we’ll look more closely at what these suburbs have to offer. Plus, we’ll share with you our hidden gem which we think fits this list for number 11.

The top 10 suburbs

In the 2016 census data [1], there was a list of suburbs that were most popular in terms of residents moving from one side of the river to the other. What was it that made these so worth the distance? Here’s the list:

  1. Helena Valley
  2. Perth City
  3. Victoria Park
  4. Mosman Park
  5. Belmont
  6. Rivervale
  7. High Wycombe
  8. South Perth
  9. Fremantle
  10. Kalamunda

What features do these suburbs share? Many of them are close to nature, cafes and restaurants, entertainment and health and fitness facilities. There’s a strong trend for family living; whether close to schools, childcare or parks. The only outlier could be Perth city providing accessible urban living popular with young professionals and group households.

  1. East Victoria Park: our hidden gem

Like many of the locales listed above, East Victoria Park is a hidden gem providing access to nature, leisure and family-friendly living. It’s the next suburb from Victoria Park, only 5 kilometres from Perth CBD, and only a short drive from South Perth. So, what makes this suburb so unique?

Accessibility is one of the biggest positives of the area. For leisure activities, there’s cafes, restaurants and pubs with nearby Albany Highway adding fitness and boutique retail to that list. East Victoria Park has plenty of schools close by making it ideal for families of all ages. Other lifestyle features are the easy access to the Swan River, Optus sporting stadium, aquatic centre and residential parks. When it comes to transport, you’re close to the freeway, airport and public transport to get you wherever you need to go.

It’s a superb location, affordability and with an abundance of untapped potential for future capital gains. It is why Norm Carey has residential and commercial developments in the area. The residential project, Gilbey Lane is now selling three architect designed homes perfect for families.

Lifestyle living in all areas of Perth with Norm Carey

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Image: “Perth from Kings Park” by eGuide Travel is licensed under CC BY 2.0