It’s a trend we see across the world – from London to Sydney – a friendly rivalry, known as north versus south. Even in Perth, many people wouldn’t dream of crossing the river when they move house. But, are they missing a great opportunity? For Part 1, we’ll list the top features of the north and the south to help you compare. Part 2 will round up the top 10 suburbs that made people want to move, plus the hidden gem that we think should feature on the list.

Measuring the great divide

In the 2016 census, 85%[1] of people who moved house in Perth stayed on the same side of the river as their previous address. According to housing experts, most people will stay within 10km of where they grew up, purely because they’re comfortable there.

Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean you’ll never move. A small percentage of people did end up swapping the north for south or vice versa. The top 10 suburbs that made people cross the river were:

  1. Helena Valley
  2. Perth City
  3. Victoria Park
  4. Mosman Park
  5. Belmont
  6. Rivervale
  7. High Wycombe
  8. South Perth
  9. Fremantle
  10. Kalamunda

We’ll look more closely at these in Part 2. For now, let’s look at the features that make the north so lively and the south so laidback.

Features of the North

Close to the city: most north-siders love that they’re within 10-15 minutes of the CBD by car or public transport.

Nightlife: many residents boast about the excellent restaurant and bar scene in the northern suburbs.

High-density living: inner-city style means more apartments and multi-unit dwellings; perfect for young professionals, downsizers and active adults or families with adult kids.

Heritage style homes: if you prefer a historic home, your choices will be aplenty in the north of Perth.

Features of the South

Family-friendly: some of Perth’s best schools are in the southside, and many family-friendly activities are close by; from the zoo to ferries to Rottnest Island.

Big, spacious lots: there’s plenty of space for family homes and new developments featuring modern homes.

Endless parklands: the southside has many parks that are great for spending time with the family and keeping fit outdoors.

Quiet residential living: from the shopping strips to the beaches, you’ll find fewer crowds in most areas of the south (except perhaps Fremantle).

Crossing the river with Norm Carey

Over 30 years of developments, we’ve built homes on both sides and wouldn’t dream of picking a winner. No matter where you’re looking to live, we have a new property to meet your needs. For more information on current and upcoming projects, get in touch with our team.


Image:”File:Perth across the Swan 4245574568.jpg” by Allan Henderson is licensed under CC BY 2.0