Master Planned Communities (MPC) are an established living choice for many families overseas, and there is a growing trend in Australia. Despite this, when many families think of an MPC, a retirement village is what comes to mind. Modern MPCs offer so much more and are an ideal place to raise your family. Here are four ways a master-planned community can cater to your growing family and gives you every lifestyle opportunity.

A strong sense of community

No matter where you live, you have the opportunity to build a community with your neighbours. However, in an MPC you’ll find you’re closer with your community since you share the many facilities. Like a small town, you’ll cross paths often enough to get to know your neighbours and build relationships with them. You get to be part of a community and benefit from the privacy and security that an apartment provides.

Affordable, large homes

A big family home with multiple bedrooms and a grand backyard can be an expensive dream to bring to life. With an MPC, you can buy an off-the-plan property that only requires the deposit upfront. Families have more time to afford their dream home and a brand new home to enjoy for years to come.

Instant amenities

Some families look for up and coming suburbs to find an affordable, established home. The downside here is waiting for the area to grow into the lifestyle haven you want right now. MPCs come with green spaces, facilities and amenities as part of the community package – which means the moment your home is ready, your lifestyle will be too.

Improve your health & safety

As our understanding of urban planning grows, developers and researchers recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and safe communities. Both of these features are in MPCs. With retail, entertainment, dining and fitness facilities in your area – your whole family can keep busy and stay safe in your immediate area. Parks, gardens and walking trails are all features of MPCs that can help your neighbourhood contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Finding your family’s forever home

Master-planned communities are a growing trend in the development sector which means there are endless opportunities for your family to find their ideal home. Norm Carey has completed over 100 projects in the residential, commercial and retail sectors. Our team are more than happy to help you find your family’s forever home. To register your interest in upcoming projects, submit your details using our form.

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