When it comes to new developments, many factors go into making it a success. One of the most important considerations is the location. Here’s an overview of the kinds of factors that we consider when choosing property locations for our projects.

Maximising lifestyle

Ample lifestyle features closely surround the most sought-after residential properties. The properties provide easy access to food and dining, entertainment options, local amenities, transport choices – or in our case, all the above. We understand that the location of the property is a determining factor in the lifestyle of the residents. So, when choosing our residential locations, we carefully consider lifestyle features nearby which will increase the liveability for our residents.

Commercial convenience

Where residential lots hinged on lifestyle benefits, commercial premises should provide convenience for tenants. For example, office locations with food and retail nearby, ample parking or access by public transport are more convenient workspaces to future tenants. It’s also essential to assess the surrounding area; what other facilities are there which will improve the convenience for this project?

What to look for when choosing a commercial premises for your business:

  1. A location with high exposure and visibility
  2. Situated at busy traffic location
  3. Able to capture cross trade and walk-in-traffic as close to residential catchments and/or part of bustling integrated retail precinct
  4. A location that is easily accessible by arterial roads and public transport
  5. Plenty of parking for customers

A developer’s eye

Finding prime locations is a skill that developers continually perfect over their years of experience. In the case of Norm Carey, he has over 30 years experience, with over 100 completed projects totalling $2 bn. The experience brings an instinctual ability to seek out prime locations. This skill has been essential in the successful sellout of projects throughout Australia.

Collaboration for the best results

Bringing new developments to completion is a collaboration that requires planning and approvals from the relevant local bodies. There may be heritage guidelines to adhere to or the need for architectural design to reach the full potential of the lot. Being able to see the potential in a location and involve the right teams to bring that to life is what development is all about.

A sound investment in your future

Whether you’re searching for a family home, moving your business or looking to expand your investment portfolio; property location is everything. We understand the vital influence location can have on your property and work to ensure every project has the full benefits of a strategic, lifestyle area. View our brand new architecturally designed homes on Gilbey Lane or learn about the proposed Woodvale Medical and Professional Centre. For upcoming projects and investment opportunities, submit your details via our online form.