Take your business where it needs to go without losing any of your current customer base. Here’s our tips to move your business to a new location.

How to Move Your Business to a New Location
Moving a business is rarely simple, but it’s usually worth the effort. If done well, you can easily bring your previous customer base with you and happily make room for new ones. Here’s our tips for a stress-free business move.

Why would you move your business?
You’ve built a business in one location and have the customer rapport that comes with it – why bother moving at all? There are still plenty of reasons business owners decide to move. First, they can find lower operational costs such as reduced rent or more energy efficient buildings in newly developed commercial lots. Second, they may wish to improve accessibility for their customers. This could mean moving closer to public transport or finding a new location with more parking. Finally, after many years of successful business ownership – it’s time to expand and you need a bigger space. Or, on the flip side, you’re looking to slow down and want a smaller space.

How to bring your customer base
You want to move your business with the least amount of hassle for existing clients, and without losing any of them. The best way to achieve this is to communicate it early. Send emails, put flyers in the window, post updates about the move on social media. If you give your customers a few months to prepare, they’ll be more likely to remember you’re moving and more likely to come with you. Don’t forget to update your address and phone number for online listings such as directories, social media profiles and Google business pages after the move.

Woodvale Centre

Take your time
Shutting down your business to move is costly, but in the long run it’ll be the best choice. When you reopen, you want to exude confidence and organisation. Take the time to move in thoroughly, set up a new business location and find all important documents. A seamless move for customers means getting the same great service, just in a different area.

Host a grand opening
Let everyone know you’ve arrived at the new location with a grand opening. Offer specials for the week, freebies on opening day or provide brochures explaining who you are and what you do. Invite legacy customers along to help build rapport, thank them for their patronage and allow them to share their great experiences with any potential new customers that stop by.

A brand new home for your business
No matter what kind of business you have, Norm Carey’s property developments offer a prime location to relocate your customers. We understand that an accessible location is important to old customers, and that high traffic areas are important to bring in new ones. Our developments are in fantastic locations, such as our most recent medical and professional centre in Woodvale; alongside the popular Woodvale Boulevard Shopping Centre. Enquire today to learn more.