When it comes time to move from your large family home to a new smaller home, you’ll be amazed by just how many things you can gather in a lifetime. Decluttering your family home can feel like a challenge. Here are 5 tips for making decluttering easier when downsizing.

Tip 1: Compare floor plans

How many rooms are in your current home? How many are in your new one? Or, if you haven’t yet found your new home – how many rooms do you plan to maintain? If you’ve always had a study, dining, and lounge, but plan to move somewhere with just an open plan lounge-dining you won’t need anywhere near the same amount of furniture. Start your journey by visiting smaller properties for sale, display home opens and apartment displays to get inspiration for the types of furniture that works well in a small space.

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Tip 2: Sell, donate, and give away

Once you have an idea how much furniture and belongings can come with you, make a list of everything that is left behind. Look into selling on a marketplace like Gumtree or Facebook. Call your local charities about donations or talk to family and friends about giving things away.

Tip 3: Take your time to declutter your home

There’s no use decluttering in a rush; give yourself plenty of time and accept that it will be an emotional experience. Set aside a day each week, fortnight, or month to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It’ll also help you avoid a last minute decision where precious items may be lost or thrown away.

Tip 4: Start on your closet

Breaking big goals into small chunks makes them feel manageable. Tackle your home one space at a time. Looking for somewhere to start? Your closet is just big enough to feel like an accomplishment, but small enough to feel achievable.

Tip 5: No more purchases

You’re looking to declutter, not re-clutter. Put a halt on any large purchases like new furniture, appliances, or other home décor. You can reopen the buying lanes once you’re set up in your new place and know exactly which purchases are needed.

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