When you’re thinking about downsizing from a family home to an apartment, some of the lesser known benefits are improving your environmental impact and lowering your living costs. Here are 6 ways downsizing helps you be eco-friendlier and makes your lifestyle cheaper.

1. New building regulations & technologies preference sustainability

Current building regulations focus on sustainable practices which benefits our environment, your comfort at home and your living costs. The right building materials will help you save money on utilities by doing some of the hard work for you. In the design stage, an architect takes advantage of natural light through building orientation, advises on the construction method and building material selection.  An example of building materials would be the choice in windows. Windows act as a sound barrier while giving you access to natural light and ventilation. Windows may also allow heat to escape from your home, or if chosen well, keep it in. The right building materials are essential in making your home comfortable and saving you costs.

2. Sustainability in new buildings

From solar energy to water-wise fixtures and appliances, the sustainable living options these days are impressive. Brand new homes and apartments comply with the latest codes and standards which frequently feature an environmental edge. Purely by moving to a new home, you’ll be making a positive impact.

This positive impact occurs well before you move in at the fit-out stage, when fixtures and fittings are chosen. Energy ratings on most products are readily available, so developers consider your household utilities running costs and make the right choices of fixtures and fittings that appeal to you.

If you decide to buy into a master-planned community development, then you may find that the developer has included solar energy, waste and water usage facilities. The advantage is that running costs on the entire development are more competitive than older buildings without these advanced technologies.

3. Lower energy consumption in your home

Large homes often require more energy which creates higher running costs. When fewer people are living in the family home, it makes sense that you want to keep costs down. For example, a central heating/cooling system in an older home, possibly heats/cools vacant rooms. In contrast, when you downsize, you eliminate the issue of empty rooms. If you’ve bought new, then you’re likely to have state of the art heating and cooling with zoning controls within your home.

4. The choices you make on where to live impact on the environment

One of the crucial factors for downsizers in their new location is accessibility. Whether that means better public transport, shorter commutes by car or walking distance to amenities – each of these have the power to decrease your environmental load.

5. More time to make conscious choices

Spending less time on home maintenance and chores is one of the leading reasons that downsizers opt for a smaller home. When we’re busy, there is less time to get household chores done, and this may cause added pressure leading to stress. Time-poor choices are based mostly on convenience and often don’t consider the environment or your budget. When you have more time to think, you can make smarter choices.

6. Reduce your grocery shopping

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but some downsizers notice they shop less for groceries after downsizing. One reason might be that you have more time on your hands to most the most out of the location. You can spend more time enjoying the cafe/restaurant lifestyle. Another reason is that apartment developments are, in most cases, built close to retail shopping where you don’t need to buy bulk groceries.  You can get what you need whenever you need it.

Smaller living helps create a mindset that may translate into lower environmental impact consumption habits. Minimising your consumption is one of the trickiest but most important things you can do to treat our environment with respect. It is also an excellent way to save money.

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The decision to downsize to a smaller home, such as apartment frees up time so you can make the most out life. To read more helpful advice about downsizing, visit our blog page.

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