Here’s how new residential projects meet the growing demand for active adult living.

Australia’s aging population lives longer and healthier, and they enjoy an active lifestyle. Their demand for lifestyle property influences how property developers approach new residential projects.

Placemaking is one of the ways property developers are catering to the needs of retirees. They are planning, designing and constructing placemaking into their residential projects. Placemaking involves the creation of public spaces that support health and wellness. It’s the creation of communal areas that helps to make the residents feel connected.

New residential projects enable people to live an independent lifestyle. Here people can choose to age-in-place as they transition into their ‘twilight years’.

How are developers making the transition to ‘twilight years’ easy? By integrating placemaking into residential projects, developers are making it easy to age-in-place.

The housing options encourage people to:

  • Be connected to their community;
  • Live an active lifestyle; and
  • Ageing in place.

What is ageing in place?

Ageing in place is the concept of helping older persons remain active, healthy and independent in their own homes for as long as possible[1]. This includes staying connected to their lifelong community in areas that are familiar. It is part of the active ageing initiative which has been promoted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 2002. Ageing in place helps minimise pressure on community aged care services and vastly improves the quality of life for older generations.

How do we support ageing in place?

Downsizing is one way to assist older generations with ageing in place, as it helps them remain independent for longer. However, in Australia a large proportion of people interested in downsizing are struggling to find the right living space to meet their needs[2]. Many couples are looking for medium-density housing with 3-bedroom dwellings which allows them flexibility for visitors but less maintenance than a family home. They’re also looking to stay within their immediate community and the people they have built connections with. There is immense opportunity for property developers to assist our retirees; but how do they do it?

The future for property developers

Industry experts have noted a surge in demand for luxury developments that cater to both active retirees and younger persons, such as master planned communities[3].

Building the properties of the future

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