From shipping container homes to eco-friendly tiny homes; the small home trend is here to stay and growing in popularity. Here are 5 tips to downsize into your dream home.

  1. Count your guests

It’s common when thinking about your living space to only count the people who will live there permanently. But whether you want capacity for grandkids, adult children or friends to visit – you must remember to leave room for guests. That might mean looking for a spacious dining room to entertain or a spare bedroom that you can convert when the grandkids come to visit or stay.

  1. Look for high ceilings

It is well-known in property circles that high ceilings give the illusion of space and can make or break the appeal of your home, whist high ceilings do not have to be in every room. They bring value to your home in the main living spaces.

Think about flexible rooms

Downsizing is an effort and you want to be able to stay for the long-term. Finding flexible floor plans is one way to ensure your smaller home makes it through your various life stages. For example, you might want a home office right now but not have thought about how you’d use that room once you retire. Finding a small home where the rooms can fulfil many purposes will give you flexibility to update them as your living needs change.

  1. Choose open-plan living

Similar to high ceilings, an open-plan living space can make your home feel bigger. With a combined kitchen, dining and living room you can avoid the feeling that the walls are closing in on you.

  1. Consider your storage space

A big part of downsizing is decluttering however, having fewer things doesn’t automatically translate to needing less storage. Don’t forget about seasonal items such as outdoor chairs in the summer or throw rugs in winter. You’ll want a dedicated space to keep these when not in use, so they don’t end up cluttering up your small home.

Find your perfect small home with Norm Carey

Finding the right home for you to downsize takes time and we’re here to help. Experienced in the development of small residential homes, luxury apartments and retirement communities; Norm Carey has developed homes for downsizing over 30 years.. Browse examples of our past residential projects or contact our team to learn about our current and upcoming developments.