There are multiple retirement villages around Australia designed to cater to our older generations; but are they better than downsizing into a master-planned community? We’ve compared the facilities of retirement villages with master-planned communities to help you make an informed choice.

Option 1: Retirement villages

It is important to note that by ‘retirement villages’ we are not just referring to high-care facilities. While many of these exist around Australia, there are also independent living villages, which cater to senior residents with little-to-no caring needs. People are living longer and retiring to communities and look to retire where they can enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Living in a retirement village has other benefits as well. For example, your neighbours will all be similar in age – great if you prefer the company of adults. There are also social gatherings and community events which cater to your hobbies or interests. Finally, you’ll be within walking distance to most lifestyle amenities.

Option 2: Master-planned communities

The popularity of master-planned communities is growing thanks to quality homes and the amenities that make for a great lifestyle such as walking/jogging paths, open outdoor spaces and retail. 

Master-planned communities attract a variety of people and allow you to connect with people from all stages of life, plus the opportunity to make new friends and know that when your grandchildren visit they too can make new friends in the neighbourhood.  

In master-planned communities, the lifestyle amenities cater to all age groups, which is great for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Master-planned communities offer a greater connection with nature by providing open public spaces, which are often a highlight for residents. Everything you need is in walking distance. 

Which residential option is best suited to your lifestyle needs?

If you feel that your health or lifestyle would be better suited to a community designed for high-care persons, a retirement village is likely the best choice. Alternatively, taking your retirement years living in a master-planned community offers a great lifestyle because you are part of a diverse community with easy access to nature and lifestyle amenities.

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