Master planned communities are gaining popularity for the potential to improve lifestyle and affordability. Here are 6 reasons you should consider looking into master planned communities for your next move.

Defining Master Planned Communities

A Master Planned Community (MPC) is a collection of residential homes, facilities, and recreational amenities that have been carefully planned and built to provide an exceptional lifestyle to its residents.

Planning for building that’s data driven.

Increasingly, data is playing a role in the building of communities and cities. By analysing the connectivity of communities and cities, property developers, town planners and architects use the data to make decisions about developing communities that aim to improve the lifestyle for residents. A community or city that has well-connected streets is more popular for all kinds of traffic, whether by car, bike or foot[1]. The data driven approach plays a role to inform the decisions of property developers and town planners about on how best to create master planned communities with a variety of accommodation types, vibrant lifestyle amenities and connection to nature. Looking to the future, this kind of data analysis and planning is likely to impact how we build all our cities – with MPC ahead of the curve.

Browse Norm Carey’s past residential projects for examples of our comprehensively planned developments.

Why choose an MPC?

  1. Sense of community

As stated in the name, MPC offers an excellent sense of community. Living in close proximity to like-minded neighbours with access to the same amenity increases the potential for connections. It’s also a fantastic place for kids to grow up, surrounded by other families and friends.

  1. Adopting a sustainable approach to living

Today, brand new homes come with energy efficient appliances that save on energy and water usage. New buildings take advantage of new building materials that are developed using the latest technological advances. These building materials help to improve comfort levels for the occupants.

A sustainable approach to living also includes the external environment. We’ve touched on connectivity related to accessibility, but what about connectivity to lifestyle attractions such as the creation of walking paths and cycling tracks. Master Planned Communities encourage residents to be active and enjoy life by spending more time outside. It is well researched that spending time in nature and being active is good for your overall health and sense of happiness.

  1. Something for everyone

Master Planned Communities provide a diversity in home offerings so that there is something for everyone. Master Planned Communities are great for any occupant from singles to families, young professional couples to downsizers. Anyone can enjoy the low-maintenance lifestyle that Master Planned Communities provide with the convenience of being connected to everything close by.

  1. Support your lifestyle changes

It’s also possible to move homes within an MPC – either bigger or smaller – without losing the area you love, the high-class facilities, and your established community.

  1. Modern facilities

Everything from parks and gardens to gyms, entertainment, or retail may be a feature of your MPC. Residents are within easy access of all the amenities they’d expect from any established neighbourhood.

  1. Maintain their value

The planning that is undertaken to make a master planned community successful, plus, the high-class facilities and modern homes, helps to hold and improve the value of homes over time. Detailed and thoughtful planning means there are valuable multipurpose spaces for jobs, retail, professional services, and residential living.

Experience Matters

Norm Carey is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable and skilled property developers, with over 30 years’ experience as a developer and over 100 significant projects. If you’d like to find out more about Norm Carey’s property projects that provide exceptional lifestyles for the occupant visit our projects.