Apartments are well-suited to young persons who don’t yet need a family home, as well as older generations looking to downsize and minimise their domestic duties. Their popularity has been steadily growing in Australia and is expected to keep rising. Here are 4 lifestyle benefits to apartment living. In addition to the lifestyle benefits, there are new government incentives that make buying an apartment attractive.

Apartment living is on the rise in Australia

The most recent census data released in 2017 found that a growing number of Australians are choosing apartment living. There is now one occupied apartment for every five occupied separate homes across Australia. Approximately 10% of our total population reside in apartments, with 38% of occupied apartments existing in high-rise buildings with four or more storeys. In Perth alone, there were 29,630 recorded apartment dwellers from the census data[i].

What is it that’s making apartment living more attractive to Australians? Perhaps it’s these 4 lifestyle benefits that are drawing us from the traditional home into a smaller one.

Benefit 1: Location

Apartments are more affordable than large homes which means you have more buying power in a sought-after location. Areas surrounded by nature walks, sports precincts, theatres, restaurants and shopping centres are top choices. Medical and professional facilities nearby is also a bonus for mature Australians who want to simplify their commutes; both to their leisure activities and their necessary health or admin appointments.

Benefit 2: Safety

Modern high-rise apartment buildings frequently feature security doors, alarms, and camera systems for increased safety. Apartments provide you with a strong sense of security because you live off ground level, away from foot traffic and passing vehicles.

Benefit 3: Community

Over time you’ll get to know your neighbours and there’s even the potential to make new friends. This can be especially enjoyable for empty nesters who have moved out of their family home and lack the hustle and bustle of their former family lifestyle. That said you still have a lot of privacy when living in an apartment building.

Benefit 4: Save time

Domestic duties like cleaning, cooking, and home maintenance are necessary, yet dull. The smaller your home, the smaller your duties. You’ll be amazed at how much time you have for leisure once you minimise these daily tasks.

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